To-Do List Shuffle

Once again, re-prioritizing my sewing.  Since Simplicity 4727 took so much longer than I anticipated, my projects have telescoped and I have to move some around.

1. Reenacting dress - my brown flannel reenacting dress really is trying to die.  It's only been twenty-one years, right?  Anyway, I need it for November 10 and at least one of the weekends before now and then will be totally occupied with an out-of-town trip, so I have to come up with something easy and fast.  Accuracy is not the name of the game, exactly, but I don't want it to be too Eighties.  More on this in a little bit.

2. Hollywood 1191 (1943) - still trying to get around to that housecoat.

3. Simplicity 4727 (1943) - the real version.  I'm sick of looking at that bloody plaid fabric.  It's like it's mocking me.

4. Simplicity 4718 (1943) - winter housedress.  Yes, I'm taking on another 1940's Simplicity pattern.  I will definitely be pre-measuring this time!

And I'm still knitting on that second sweater vest.  Sigh.