To-Do List

1) Hollywood 1944 1411 - Christmas dress
2) Butterick See N Sew 2006 B4903 - flannel nightgown

1) Three miniature Christmas stockings
2) Christmas pillowcase for small pillow
3) Revisit DuBarry 1943 5612 - Valentine's Day dress
4) Mardi Gras costume for Jeannie the Doll
5) Two yoked prairie dress wearable muslins:  Simplicity 9778 (1971) and one of the round-yoked patterns, probably Marian Martin 9175 (1979), using the two Joann scattered floral calicos.

To-do, longer term:
1) DuBarry 1944 5986 - St. Patrick's Day dress.  Started this awhile ago but then set it aside.
2) Pick up New York 1490 again.
3) Butterick 1983 4948 Belle France drop-waist dress in the Moda umbrella fabric.  This should be an easy project if I can just get to it.
4) T-shirt quilts
5) Endless dirndl skirts
6) New office jacket.  Elbow blew out of mine this week and it's really not presentable any more.  I've ordered the pattern I want but I need to find suitable wool.