To-do list 2015 June 1

Recalibrating . . . 
So, the grand failure of New York 1490 seems to have derailed my list.   Furthermore, I can't find Simplicity 4718.  I'm in the process of putting my patterns in folders and filing them properly, so I hope I find it, but I have a bad feeling I set it aside somewhere to use and now can't remember where it is.  I'd rather not buy another copy but I will if I have to to get work done.
I have several other patterns, though, that I've already fitted and from which I could make usable items.  
1) January: Hollywood 1944 1411 Christmas dress (done)
2) February: DuBarry 1943 5612Valentine's princess dress (done)
3) March: DuBarry 1944 5986 St. Patrick's Day dress (done)
4) April: Marian Martin 1942 9928 Telephone Girl/Easter-ish (done)
5) May: Butterick 1983 4948 Belle France drop-waist dress in the Moda April Showers umbrella fabric. (done)
6) May, part II: New York 1950's 1490 brown acorn dress (fail!)
7) June: Simplicity 1976 7627 Mother of Tova peasant blouse
8) July: 
Simplicity 4102 (1942) slate blue calico and maroon dress (Chicken Dress sister). 
9) August: DuBarry 1945 6030 two-piece dress.
10) September:
Hollywood 1944 1411 brown calico
11) October:  Hollywood 1944 1411 dark gray with lime
12) November: Simplicity 1943 4718 yellow Keepsake Calico Richloom Faine pinks-print dress
13) December: Simplicity 1943 4718 brown DS Quilts housedress

If time permits:
14) Butterick 1983 4948 skeleton dress (done)
15) New York 1950's 1490 brown acorn dress and maybe sundress, time permitting.
16) Simplicity 1975 7303 blouse with shaped yoke.