Marian Martin 1942 9928 Telephone Girl part IV: Back on track

Feeling melancholy this morning.  I have a lot of not-fun work to do at my job, and I accidentally crushed my passenger-side mirror against the garage door jamb.  Doh!  That's gonna hurt.

I overhauled the skirt last night: Added an inch of with and a second waist dart to each side (each half of the back); added 1/2 inch width from the hip down to all four quadrants, and added a seam up the back and another half-inch of width on each side of that seam.  With the two inches I added originally, that makes seven inches.  It finally occurred to me to measure the original pieces and it turns out they only had an inch of ease across the hips in the first place, which isn't even correct.  I don't think they've been trimmed down since all the pattern markings are there, just that, for some bizarre reason, there wasn't enough wearing ease.  

I find that skirts with one-piece backs rarely fit well, anyway, and was already thinking I needed to split the back and add a seam that curved toward the waist.  Sorry, the pix of the test muslin are in dark calico and don't show anything.  Just trust me--it fits.

I have to mess with the bodice a little more--I need to take a bit out under the arms, as usual, and I think the front in particular could be a half-inch shorter.  But it's not too bad.