McCall's 4966-C: Part I

There isn't anything terribly glamorous to post about this yet. I've really gotten a bee in my bonnet to sew lately. Too much fabric and too many unused patterns, and I've finally gotten good enough that each new project doesn't feel like an uphill battle. It's more fun, and I can make progress fast enough to feel like I'm accomplishing something.

I started McCall's 4866 View C, which is in the same pattern packet as the brown plaid dress I made at Christmas, except C has less-gathered sleeves and a placket neckline.

I'm using a pale-green mini-print, because I am not at all influenced by pattern illustrations.

I cut down the lower sleeves again, and lengthened the sleeves by an inch. I think this is going to work out well: Still a little blousy but not drag-in-your-barbecue blousy.

I had plenty of green fabric but somehow not lining the collar in a contrasting print seemed like a lot less fun, so I used a scrap of tan Civil War reproduction left over from . . . something else. Probably the Puss In The Corner quilt I made like ten years ago and have yet to quilt.

The band collar is nothing of which to be proud, and this is a cop-out method of doing a neck placket (it's how the instructions told me to do it, I swear), but, overall, not too bad. And I'll get to use my aunt's lovely Viking to do more buttonholes(!!).

I ranted about the awful cutaway sleeve finish on the last dress, right? I Googled a bunch of sleeve plackets but the ones I found either seemed half-assed (I don't trust anything that catches so little fabric in a seam) or were overly masculine and involved for the character of the dress. Of course, Amber Jean sent me this link yesterday, after I'd already done both sleeves. Doh! I've actually done this before but it's been years and I couldn't recall quite how it worked, nor could I find it online (impatience, I guess. It pops right up now). It would have been perfect.

(Nice list of shirt placket and collar links.)

Oh, well. After some waffling, I winged it and did the sleeve plackets the same way I'd done the neck, because it was easy and looked pretty nice. It's not ideal--I'll use the other method from now on--but it is definitely good enough.

Anyway, Flickr set in progress here. It's not as complete as they've been in the past but it does have pictures of the sleeve placket in the works. I'm doing finicky stuff right now; mostly hand-finishing pocket seams and such. It's supposed to be rainy today so I can work on it if I can't go for a walk at lunch.