McCall's 4866-A: Part IV

The last little bit!

Just a quick update on my post-sewing sleeve redraft. The sleeves on McCall's 4966-A were lovely but oh, so impractical. The last four images in the Flickr set loosely illustrate the sleeve-reduction process.

Step 1: Cut sleeve in half between wrist and shoulder. This will allow me both to take out an inch of length (they were also too long) and to reduce only the lower half of the sleeve, since I had already reduced the sleeve cap and the fullness of the upper arm is fine.

Step 2: Decide how much I wanted to take out (3 inches; these sleeves were really big and floppy). Mark the lower part of the sleeve pattern in 4 or 5 places, vertically. Divide the desired width-to-be-removed among those 4 or 5 potential cuts.

Next time I make it--ha, ha--I'll try the new sleeve. This should also have reduced it enough that I can do a normal sleeve placket and not that wacky cutaway thing.

Step 3: Cut along the marks, overlap, and tape back together. Reattach to upper sleeve.

Step 4: Retrace. I forgot to photograph this, but it's sort of self-explanatory. You can't tell from the preceding photo, but the sleeve is still slightly belled even with all that width removed.