Mini road trip: Battle of Galveston

I don't care which side you're on: That's a beautiful flag.

Between my Friday off and Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, I managed to wrangle a four-day weekend. But, alas, it's all over now.

Friday, Dad and I went back to my office to pick up the two five-drawer file cabinets I bought from our stash of surplus furniture. The up-side of vintage furniture is that it's well-built. The down-side is that it weighs as much as my car! If we had stopped short on the freeway on the way home, we might have been squashed. Nevertheless, I love them! One is for patterns (no, it's not full! Yet) and the other is for everything else.

I spent Saturday judging an online model horse show and Monday totaling my 2011 show points. I always swear I'll total my points each month and I always forget to do it and then I always kick myself at the last minute when I'm scrambling to get them done. Doh! Worse, I lost all my records when my computer crashed, so I'm starting over. Double doh!

I'm all about the external hard-drive now, folks. Lesson learned.

Sunday, though, I needed a road trip. Just a little one. Luckily, Galveston was hosting a reenactment of the Battle of Galveston, and Civil War shenanigans are always a valid excuse to go do something.

I decided to make a full day of it. I stopped for breakfast at the Dot Coffee Shop in south Houston. It was packed. Mint Chocolate Chick and I split the Country Breakfast. I ate the hash browns and half a sausage patty on site, since fried potato products don't reheat well, and took the rest of the sausage and the biscuits and gravy home. I ended up eating that Country Breakfast for three breakfasts, which made it a darned good deal.

The house where Galveston Friends Meeting meets was about five blocks from the start of the Civil War stuff, so I left my car there. While I was locking up, two other Friends showed up. I told them I had come on a whim and wasn't sure I could stay. They said that was OK, the other two Friends who usually attend were under the weather, and they had brought the wrong key. They could go back and get the right key if I wanted, but nobody looked very enthusiastic about that, so we went down the street and talked while they ate breakfast.

The Battle of Galveston was very small and slightly comic but reenacted with a lot of enthusiasm. I'm afraid I still sort of like the smell of black-powder smoke.

After, I went to a couple of antique shops and the Fiesta store, then to the Original Mexican Café for lunch. I think they might have my favorite charro beans yet. I got three lunches out of the carne asada plate, too. Awesome.

After lunch, I took the ferry out to Bolivar Peninsula to visit the Port Bolivar Community Cemetery. At this point, my camera battery was dying like the dodo so I didn't get that many pictures. They have new historical plaques up, though.

I came back, got an ice cream cone at La King's and ate it while I went down to check out the Jean Lafitte historical marker I'd passed earlier, and then came home.