New fabric, and prairie skirts

I was cleaning up my disaster-area of a room yesterday--"Hoarders" was on, and it's terrific incentive to de-clutter and clean up--and realized I have way the heck too much fabric.

Some of it is scrap. I just ordered a set of square acrylic templates so I can cut squares for a scrap quilt (sort of like this, but less pink), and I may try to cull some to send with Mom to the giveaway table at her quilt retreat, but a lot of it is actual yardage. Like, enough really make something.

I have plans for some of it, and potential plans for some of it. I shot myself in the foot today by underbidding, I thought, on four yards of black calico with yellow roses. Oh-so-Eighties, right? Adorable, right? Totally didn't need it, but I've had this yen for a black calico prairie skirt for, like, four years, ever since I got one at a swap meet that turned out to be so decayed that it couldn't be salvaged.

I think this needs small white lace and yellow satin ribbon for trim, don't you? My plan is to make it long--instep-length, or nearly so, kind of like this skirt--with a flounce around the bottom. I might actually use McCall's 5248-A (1976) with an added flounce, or I might just use my A-line pattern.

It occurred to me that if I did the A-line pattern, which is fast, I could get rid of three projects at once. The black calico, the freaky green calico, and the brown Indienne calico that I need to remake because I mis-measured the waist and made the whole thing too bunchy.