New Pattern: 2012 January 10

I waffled on this one but eBay Bucks convinced me:

DuBarry 5576 (1943): Housedress or housecoat with concealed button closure, inset belts and tie ends.

I need a housecoat, anyway. I have a horrifyingly loud red and blue paisley that would make a great housecoat and this is a candidate (with blue lapels and waistband).

I missed this one on eBay and waited at least two years to find another. It's a teen pattern and size 11, which is . . . really, really, small. Adventures in Pattern Grading!

Anne Adams 4827 (ca. 1948-1949): That extended shoulder line is classic late 1940's.

My notes say the same pattern was issued as American Weekly 3814.

I wonder if this was especially popular with geometry teachers?

One of these might be a good candidate for the green and rose stripe.


Esz said…
Oh I've made up that Anne Adams pattern! :-) Its quite fun and came together surprisingly easily