New Pattern: 2012 January 31

Oh. My. God.

I have wanted this pattern forever. Ever since I saw the March 1952 Simplicity catalog page that had 3550 and 3717, both of which I already owned, on it, and was utterly and totally smitten.

How can you not love this? Midriff inset. Big, bold, lapels. Neat cuffed sleeves. Extravagant June Cleaver skirt. Pockets that could carry baby elephants. In gingham, for the love of Pete. With a freaking front zipper.

Housedress perfection, thy name is Simplicity 3745 (1951):

Oh, and it comes in a day dress version, too, which basically means you could literally live in this dress. I bet you could lengthen it into a housecoat, too, if you really wanted to get carried away.


Penny-Rose said…
This is lovely - the contrast inside the collar is a great idea. Well done.