New Patterns: 2012 January 22

Anne Adams 4546 (circa 1945-1947): Wrap-around housedress with extended shoulder line. Buttons to the front, ties in back.

You know I can't pass up a 1940's wrap housedress.

904 (circa 1928-1930): Pullover house dress with front panel, squared neckline (sort of), and tie ends.

Yes, there are pockets hidden in the curves of the front panel. I'm looking for the perfect 1920's geometric reproduction print for this.

Yeah? Possibly, especially if they have a color besides pink. Definite possibility. This comes in red/black or blue/red. Green squares.

Update: Hey, I could use that weird yellow and gray circles print I got at Wal-Mart a while back! It's almost Art Deco, and I could use gray bias trim. And it would help with my insane fabric stash.


PepperReed said…
Love that 20's dress (and the AG friends around the world fabric; it has all the colors in it and you could you any for piping or ric~rac.
Yeah, I think I'd probably do blue or green if I used that one. High contrast seems more vintage, somehow.

I don't normally buy 1920's patterns because the Twenties were so much Variations on the Sack Dress that many of the patterns don't need a pattern, really, but I love this one.

I feel like I need to bob my hair again. Ha ha.
Anonymous said…

I know you blogged on this dress nearly four years ago, but I am curious--did you ever sew it ? I cannot seem to find out on your blog, but I am not the best navigator !
I saw the picture of this pattern on pinterest, then went to the site to read about it, and it was you ! I laughed, because I am the girl with your pattern review dress, and our tastes are eerily similar.
This particular #904 is another of my all-time favorites, but it does not come up for sale often and seems to bid up. I believe it may be a brand called "Farmer's Wife."
The comment about hair bobbing, too ~ for the last while I have been toying with the idea of chopping off my almost waist-length greying hay ("hayre")...
I started it but the fabric was terrible and I ended up throwing it out. I still plan to try it again, but I'm up to my eyeballs in a Christmas gift that turned out to be more involved than I'd anticipated.