To-Do List

Good grief: It just gets worse and worse. I'm not even including knitting projects any more because it seems that yarn is never going to be my medium, and I need to reevaluate my commitment to it. I do still want to learn to knit basics, but I feel like I need to get some of my sewing pressure off first.

And these are only the ones for which I actually have fabric!

In no particular order:

1) Advance 3045 (1942): Housedress in sky blue and white stripe.
2) Advance 3045 (1942): Day dress in burgundy.
3) Advance 3765 (1945?): Housedress in International Harvester tractor print.
4) Anne Adams 4934 (1978): Prairie dress in dusty purple calico.
5) Anne Adams 4926 (1940's): Blouse only in coral flower print.
6) Butterick 4368 (1976?): Little Wednesday Addams dress in lilac on black print.
7) Diamond 2 (2011): Elastic-waist A-line skirt in brown Indienne print (refashion), 1970's green calico Completed January 2012, and 1980's black calico.
8) DuBarry 5643 (1943): Wrap-over housedress in burgundy and bone shamrock print.
9) Iris Lane 3219 (ca. 1960): Wrap-over day dress in deep teal.
10) Marian Martin 9928 (1940's): Housedress in lilac Aunt Grace print.
11) McCall 5136 (1943): Back-wrap sundress in Andover "On The Breeze".
12) McCall's 2925 (1971): Bib apron in brown and green calico.
13) McCall's M4548 (2004): Pioneer costume in green pinstripe. This really needs to be a priority since there are reenactments coming up, but I'm not as enthusiastic about it as I am about the others.
14) McCall's 4658 (1975): Blouse only in lilac calico.
15) McCall's 4750 (1975): Short dress in Art Nouveau print.
16) McCall's 4813 (1975): Yoked dress in red check homespun.
17) McCall's 4966-C (1975): Peasant blouse dress in mint green calico. Completed February 4, 2012.
18) Simplicity 1218 (1944): Princess housedress in Michael Miller "Wild Blue Yonder".
19) Simplicity 2627 (1958): Big day dress in gray and white pinstripe chambray.
20) Simplicity 2844 (1949): Summer housedress in aqua floral.
21) Simplicity 2577 (1948): Sundress in green and burgundy Civil War print.
22) Simplicity 3264 (1939): Day dress in small burgundy-on-white floral.
23) Simplicity 3383-1 (1950): Sundress in Alexander Henry tattoo fabric.
24) Simplicity 4102-2 (1942): Housedress in slate-gray calico with burgundy rick-rack.
25) Simplicity 4571 (1943): Tie-waist day dress in red print. Not too sure about this one, though.
26) Simplicity 4727 (1943): Sundress in red, white, and blue plaid.
27) Simplicity 6340 (1974): Princess day dress in orange plaid.
28) Simplicity 7580 (1976): Sundress in Saroya "Star Flowers" print.
29) Simplicity 8483 (1978): Soft sundress in sage/gray homespun (refashion).
30) Vogue 8906 (1974?): Sundress in red print with big leaves.

Oh, my God--I am insane.


PepperReed said…
Wow! That's all I got...

(some great dresses in that group)
Yeah, well . . . there's the list, and then there's reality.

Oh, I forgot one! Wait a minute . . .