Butterick 5187-B: Grunge Remix: Part II

Wow. This is some really bad fabric. Amazingly, it's a woven plaid, not a printed one, and the grain is still literally off by inches. I'm not sure I knew it was possible to weave fabric that badly.

I finally resorted to lining it up according to the stripes as best I could (this is the skirt back):

The skirt front should have been cut on the fold but the grain was so off that the plaid would have run downhill from one side of me to the other if I'd done that, so I cut it in two halves and seamed it down the front, so I could at least bookmatch the mind-boggling crookedness:

Inside of the front seam. I folded the seam allowance over and topstitched it after this, to keep it from fraying all over the place.

Outside. It was so bad I couldn't even get the plaid to match correctly.

Pockets. I lined them in dark blue homespun left over from the Wearing History dress. It's not much better than the flannel but it's something.

The skirt front with the pockets pinned. They're not actually placed yet, just pinned so I could see what they might look like. They'll have big black buttons to hold them shut.

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