McCall's 4966-C: Part II

McCall's 4866-C, to be known, apparently, as the Civil War shirt dress.

I'm not sure how this happened, but I lost two inches out of the neck when I resized the pattern. This means I can't button the band collar, and that it pulls a little across the shoulders. Not a big deal, really, since I wasn't planning to button the collar very often, anyway, but . . . weird. I should be able to fix both those problems pretty easily.

I also need to do, of all things, a slight full bust adjustment. Those Seventies chicks must have been really, really, flat!

Still, the placket and collar came out nicely:

I double-checked myself about a dozen times and still managed to install the cuffs upside-down. I'm leaving them as they are, though, because they look nice anyway and it's not a big problem.

See? Looks like a Civil War shirt.

OK, it looks better with a belt.

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