Model horse: 1993 Speigel special run Hanoverian

I scored this guy off of eBay. He was a whole lot cheaper than the last Spiegel special run Hanoverian I'd seen, and he looked pretty good in the pictures. I say "pretty good" because it looked as though he might have some scattered thin paint marks, dull marks, etc. Good enough for a rescue-collector like me, but not a prime piece.

He arrived today.

Wigand (Winter Wonderland x Amiri) 2007 mahogany bay Hanoverian stallion. Bred by B. Gustas.

I was wrong, but in a good way.

The box reeked of cigarette smoke but the horse, apart from one small not-through-the-paint mark on his near shoulder, is a knock-out. Way, way, better than he looked in the listing.