New horses: 2012 February 8

Catcall: Hagen-Renaker new release miniature "Silky Sullivan": Bright chestnut Thoroughbred stallion. I've been showing this ID as a BSO (breeding stock only, i.e. a "horse" that has a pedigree, description, and offspring but no physical body) for several years but just got the body for him.

Nantiko: Breyer 2010 World Equestrian Games special run "Mandiba", on the Artist's Series "Secretariat" mold: Dark bay Thoroughbred stallion ([sire pending] x Nantou by Rob Roy).
The World Equestrian Games have spurred a lot of very nice models. This isn't a mold I would normally collect but the color is fantastic, and I'm not exactly overburdened with Thoroughbreds, right?