904: Part II: Momentum-challenged

So, I totally wasted a three-day weekend, at least from a sewing perspective.

Okay, not totally wasted: I ran a lot of errands on Friday, made rhubarb cake except with pineapple instead of rhubarb on Saturday, and went to meeting (in Galveston--a full-day endeavor) on Sunday, then came home and cooked a corned beef and experimented with rice pudding. And watched a lot of true-crime TV in between.

But it was raining and I wasn't quite over the head-cold-from-Hell that I acquired on the airplane, and my enthusiasm for pattern tracing petered out. It's supposed to rain a lot more this week so I might get it done yet. I have a lot more true-crime TV recorded to keep me going.

I want to assure my readers that I've realized how ridiculous my fretting over assembly methods has been. I'm just going to trace that sucker and sew it together. Bound and top-stitched. In this case, I'm pretty sure that the ends justify the means, so whatever it takes to assemble it with a minimum of fuss and bother is the "right" method, no?