904: Part III

Oh. My. God.

The notorious black and gray plaid has a rival for Worst Fabric Ever.

The yellow Art Deco-ish print isn't as crooked as the plaid but it lied like a dog about its fiber content. Cotton-polyester, my eye! There is no cotton in this stuff. It shrinks, stretches, and frays if you just look at it wrong. If you thought my finished-seam obsession was out of line, well, I can tell you it's going to serve me very well on this project.

I decided to use buttons to close the neckline, so I improvised a facing for the center front:

But I hemmed the tie ends first to try working with this awful fabric.

Interfacing for the center-front facing:

Trimmed off the bottom to make it easier to hem.

Used hem tape because the #@$!! fabric didn't want to fold over twice, nicely.


Machine-basted the facing to the center front.

Machine-basted the pockets into the curves in the center front. The pockets will be doubled over, the opposite ends sewn, um, somehow, to the side-fronts, and the pocket sides sewn up. Assuming the fabric doesn't unravel completely before I get that far.

Applied bias binding. I had two packets of gray bias binding that were almost the same color but not quite, since they were different brands. However, I didn't want to spend any extra money on a dress that I wasn't--and still am not--sure will work out, so I was going to use them together, anyway.

Then, I bought another, unrelated, pattern and the seller sent me a freebie: A packet of dark gray Boil-Tex half-inch single-fold bias binding! So I had two packs of Boil-Tex dark gray to use.

Center front with bias binding applied.

I desperately wish that this fabric weren't so awful because the print is perfect for a 1920's housedress. So sad.


PepperReed said…
Boo!!! I hate crappy polyester fabric. I hope you can wrestle it into submission...
Lesson learned: No more cheap-ass fabric! I'm done! Sheesh.

I'm trying to be positive: I'm not at all sure that the resizing and reconstruction I had to do on this pattern will work, so I guess if I have to make a dress that it's likely I won't even be able to assemble, I might as well not waste good fabric on it. Work out the kinks on the cheap stuff, right? Then I can make it out of something better.
PepperReed said…
Yep. Where'd you get the fabric? I have so much stuff that I've gotten at thrift stores or garage/estate sales. Old sheets and weird curtain for 'wearable' muslins, etc. OTOH, I have some VERY expensive crepe-back satin that has a dress with its name on it when I'm not a total chicken to try sewing with it...

Wal-Mart. Never again, after the black and gray plaid and then this.