Fiesta Flamingo

This is a cop-out post. Borrowed pictures with some commentary; no mental effort required on my part.

The word is out on the Homer Laughlin Facebook page: The 2012 Fiesta ware color is "Flamingo".

Everyone on The Next Fiestaware Color Should Be Hot Pink Facebook page was bitching because it's not hot pink, but the rumors have been going around forever that Homer Laughlin hasn't been able to develop a workable hot pink glaze. Personally, I'm A-OK with the lipstick/coral pink we did get. The last few colors--Ivory, Chocolate, Paprika--have been great but have been heavy on the earthtones. Pink of any sort is a nice change.

There was concern that it was too close to Post-1986 Rose, but it appears to be closer to Persimmon (one of my favorite colors). Here it is with the other Fiesta pinks:

My Rose dishes are apparently early-run. They're light cotton-candy pink like the one at upper center. I actually like the late-run color better but light pink is better for contrast.

I haven't seen it in real life yet since it's not supposed to be in stores in general until June, but it looks as though it's a little less orange, a little softer, and maybe a bit more opaque than Persimmon.

I hope it really does look like it does in this picture. That might be my perfect pink. Pink that an olive-skinned girl can wear.

Now, Homer Laughlin, if you happen upon this post: Your next neutral should be graphite gray; your next jewel-tone should be a saturated teal blue, Nile green, or medium blue violet; and your next bright should be a reproduction atomic red. Got it?Link


Anonymous said…
I'm with you on graphite gray.
Anonymous said…
Saw it in a department store today. Look's like the color of ham. Oh well, maybe fuschia someday
Elaine said…
Thanks for your post! I "inherited" some Fiesta dinnerware and what I received included some retired pieces like rose and powered blue. I had assumed my orangy-pink pieces were flamingo, but now I'm wondering if they are in fact persimmon.

I totally agree with you on the color ideas!!
Elaine, if you see this--Flamingo is a new color, so unless you inherited them very, very, recently, they're likely Persimmon.