New models: March 7, 2012

Classic Quarter Horse family, 1991 J.C. Penney's Christmas special runs: These are replacements. I got this set for Christmas in 1991 but then stupidly sold off the mare and foal. So, now I'll have an extra stallion. Aargh. I'll see how different the new one is from my old one, Muskrat; if they're similar, I'll sell one, but if they're noticeably different, I'll keep them both.

I absolutely adore these molds but would love to know what possessed Breyer to make a set with seal-brown parents and an alabaster foal. Seriously? I'm going to pedigree her as an extreme sabino Paint, or something like that, but I doubt I'll show her. The parents will be Quarter Ponies.

Left to right: Little Pet, unnamed, name undecided--might be a new Muskrat, might be something else.

Classic Andalusian family, 1984 Sears Christmas special runs: I thought this was the regular-run set (dappled gray mare, alabaster stallion, brownish foal) when I placed the bid, and then I realized it wasn't. Not that I'm complaining, of course.

Left to right: Arabesca, Roldán, Sandalio.