New Pattern: 2012 March 15

Advance (number??) (1930's): I'll have to wait until this arrives in the mail to get a better picture and figure out what number it is. Nice wrap housedress with inverted-triangle waist seam.

DuBarry 2652B (1941): This can be a dress or a peasant blouse and skirt. It was dirt-cheap because the instructions are missing. I know the dress at left closes with a side zipper. I'm not sure how the blouse is meant to close but I've posted Vintage Pattern Wiki and Flickr for help, and I assume I can fudge it if I don't get a reply. The skirt is standard gathered rectangles so I don't really need help there. Peasant dresses and blouses were often aimed at teenagers and buttoned up the back, and this one says "8 buttons" in the notion section on the back of the envelope, but it doesn't actually show it buttoning up the back, so I'm not sure what the deal is.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how long I've wanted a square-necked peasant blouse pattern, especially one that gathers into a waistband--excuse me: Inset belt-as this one does.

Notice that the blouse buttons onto the skirt's inset belt!

Nevertheless: Progress in my resolve to focus on 1930's and 1940's patterns, right?


Anonymous said…
Did you ever determine what the pattern number was? Thanks!
It doesn't appear to have one. My guess is that it was one of their earliest patterns and it hadn't occurred to them yet to number them.
Anonymous said…
I also have this pattern and unfortunately I don't have the instructions. Would it be possible to get a copy? PDF is fine and I'd be happy to pay a reasonable amount. Thanks for your time!
Would email be acceptable? You should be able to contact me through my Blogger profile. (I swear I won't save your email and SPAM you or anything.) Just give me a day or two to dig the pattern out and get it scanned.
Anonymous said…
Email is great! I will contact you with my info. Thanks so much!
No problem; glad to help where I can.