New Patterns: 2012 March 13

242 (1930's): Mail-order, no manufacturer given. Oh, how frustrating that these things just disappear. I'd love to know more about the non-mainstream pattern companies!

I need a new housecoat. These two came together; they're both from 1943. They both need to be sized up, but not by a lot.

Simplicity 4759: I'm not sure if I'll use this pattern or Hollywood 1191 (1943), but it's still a good all-around housecoat. I sort of like 1191's waistless princess seams and plain sleeves better, but we'll see.

Simplicity 4845: Nice nightgown. The sleeved version on the right would almost make a nice dress, in a shorter length.

Also, I've decided that my pattern collection really has gotten completely out of control and it's time to make culling and reselling a priority. In particular, I have too many 1970's patterns. They're great patterns, but it's not the best decade for me, fit-wise, and so many of the ones I think I love are really just copies of 1940's patterns. So . . . why don't I just focus on actual 1940's patterns? Right. My excuse has been that the Seventies had all those easy-breezy casual-fit patterns, but if I'm honest, I have a lot of easy-breezy 1940's patterns, too. And some really easy-breezy 1930's patterns.

Realistically, too, I could never sew even half of what I have. I realize that sewing them is not always the point, but I still think things are out of balance.

Virtual Garage Sale on Flickr. Patterns are $8 postage paid to the U.S. unless noted otherwise. Discounts for multiple purchases. (Not everything on here is a pattern.)


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