DuBarry 5576 (1943): Fancy cowgirl housedress

Part 2 of 3.

So . . . this was my first fabric purchase.

I've admired this print for so long but could never decide what I'd make out of it. The want of housecoat seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it.

Unfortunately, I got home and spotted this sitting in front of my computer, waiting to be filed:

Now, it could be a housecoat, but the belted middle wasn't what I wanted this time around. Also, that's not a hide-your-light-under-a-bushel print. That's a wear-with-red-boots print. It even has little shoulder yokes, which don't have to be Western, but . . . oh, who are we kidding?

And you can't go Western without piping. Bust out the digital drawing pad:

(Western shirt collars, it seems, usually match the fabric used for the body of the shirt, not the yoke. I actually did image research on this online.)

Then, things got weird.

(Those are pearl snaps down the front. And embroidery.)


Sarah said…
That is going to be such a great dress! And totally do the pearl snaps -- they are fun and look so great on the finished item (although, I can't find adult-size ones in anything but white -- for my daughter I have all sorts of colors though!)
I used to have white enameled snaps with horseshoes in the middles! I wonder if I could find more of those--they were so cute.
Sarah said…
that sounds great! were they these? I love them.

also, it looks like the place I buy my pearl snaps from does carry bigger ones.
Yes!! Awesome! I had those on a bathrobe years ago. Glad to know I can get more.