New models: Special Run 1998 "Stud Spider", "Grey Badger II"

I remember when the #790098 special run "Grey Badger II" models came out in 1998. I wanted one so badly but I was in college and couldn't afford it. But I kind of love the "Stud Spider" model (also a portrait of a famous racehorse) and it was a foundation Quarter Horse portrait and, I don't know--I just couldn't get him out of my head.

Here's the real horse, later in life (and whiter) than the age portrayed by the model.

Roman Wolf: New pix when he arrives, but here he is, still strapped into his box after fourteen years:

The more I look at him, the better I like him. He looks like a very intelligent and good-natured horse, doesn't he?

I don't have a name picked out yet but he'll be a son of Roman Silver, my special run 1990 dappled gray "Lady Phase" (another portrait, of a sorrel mare who belonged to country star Lynn Anderson). He'll probably be a gelding, though, since, much as I love him, "Stud Spider" isn't the best model in the world. That right hind leg, especially, has issues.

This is Wyoming Badger, a 1947 gelding who was a son of Grey Badger II, and looks quite a bit like the model:

I need to replace Ranger, my original #66 black Appaloosa "Stud Spider", and I just recently, at long last, got Osage, the #88 brown overo Paint (1979-1981 production years).