Stablemate onslaught

Stablemate onslaught.

Dark chestnut Quarter Horse filly (Wolverine x pending). This is the 2012 mystery foal from the black Paso Fino/gray Andalusian set (yeah, sorry to spoil the surprise for y'all). Leave it to Breyer to cross a black and a non-rose gray and give you a chestnut. Also, as far as I know, all the Stablemate pairs produce the same foals (meaning that all Paso Fino/Andy sets will have this foal), so the mystery was kind of over as soon as the first hobbyist to get these opened the packages. Yawn.

I wasn't planning to get the set, anyway, and now Twin Springs Stables has spared me the trouble.

Rosy The Riveter (Little Red Vandy x Sarah White) 2006 chestnut roan sabino Quarter Horse mare, 2012 para-dressage horse. She's not perfect but I like this mold, and you can't go wrong with roan.

Aracely (parents pending) buckskin Peruvian paso mare. This is the stallion from the Peruvian/generation 3 standing stock horse set, but I always PA them as mares.

Catalina (Catcall x pending) light chestnut Thoroughbred mare. Older OF generation 2 running Thoroughbred mare.

Painted Hawkeye daughter and sporthorse foal. The rest of the mystery foal set (now you know what the foal looks like). I don't really like the current SM standing foal and may not keep her, although I do like buckskin pintos, so I might keep her as a broodmare body. Not sure yet.

Vitesse (Rob Roy x pending) 1999 bay Thoroughbred mare. Replacement for one that I sold (doh!).

Rowantree Brass Ring: #105 sorrel Cantering Welsh Pony with red braids (parents pending), 1971-1976.

(Not a Stablemate.)