New patterns: 2012 May 7, and new fabric

I got into work this morning and discovered a fat inter-office mail envelope on my desk.  Inside were a collection of Butterick reprint patterns and a note from a coworker/fellow seamstress saying she didn't have time to use them.


Butterick 6582 (2001/1960): Party dress with crossover bodice, wide neckline, and either sheath or full skirt.

Butterick B4513 (2005/1957): Sundress with wide neckline and thin straps.

Butterick B4790/6250 (2006/1951): The famous/infamous Walkaway Dress.  Apparently the reprint has been altered substantially from the original so that it will give a more modern fit.  Hmm.  Not really what I want, but maybe I can find out how to un-do the modernization.

Butterick B5209 (2008/1947): Summer dress with either halter top or extended shoulder line.  This is a textbook 1947 design: The short skirt is a holdover from wartime styles, but the broad shoulders and cut-in-one cap sleeves will become hallmarks of 1948 looks.

Butterick B5281 (2008/1946): Day dress with square neck and draped right shoulder.

Vogue 7292 (2001): Mine says 7292 on the packet but the only other one I found listed for sale said 712, so I don't know.  Anyway, it's embroidery transfers for Arts and Crafts cushion designs.  This one is a total keeper: I love Arts and Crafts.

And, finally . . .

Do you ever see a bolt of fabric and think, "Wow, that's hideous . . . it would be perfect for . . . " some idea you've been kicking around in your head?

I saw this at Wal-Mart--yeah, I caved in--and though it was the perfect level of tackiness and clashing colors.  1950's whimsical tacky but not 1970's over-the-top tacky.

This one is going to be the skirt for Advance 5867 (1951), with narrow cream eyelet trim in between the tiers and around the bottom.


A.J.A. said…
Score! I love the first one, and have seen some very pretty versions made up on We Sew Retro. As for the walk-away, Katrina of Edelweiss Patterns did a post on how to get an authentic 50s fit that I thought was very good. Here is the link:
I made one back before I knew how to sew at all! It was fun!
Ah, thank you for the link!