Dirndl skirt - pink chambray, Part III

I don't have a picture of the skirt on me.  I have a white T-shirt but no white blouse.  The T-shirt is acceptable but it's really not my vision, if you'll pardon my use of a desperately-overused artsy-fartsy-ism.  I'll take a picture of it with me in it when I get a blouse done.

Here's the inside, with the pink gingham facings:

And the front.  The small patches are button backers--little squares of fabric with interfacing to keep the buttons from pulling through the skirt fabric.  The hem facing is topstitched near the bottom edge and then blind-stitched above. 

Outside, back.  Yes, I was lazy and topstitched the zipper in instead of doing a proper lapped installation.  Whatever.

Outside, front.  I love the big pockets, the huge white buttons, and the topstitching.  I really like how this came out, and it was easy and it's comfortable.