More fun!

And . . . it appears I may be mildly allergic to ibuprofen.  The doctor gave me rather high-dosage (600 milligram) ibuprofen to use after I didn't need the Tramadol any more and, after three doses over the course of a week, I broke out last night in a lovely hot-pink rash.  The remedy for this, as long as it doesn't get worse, is apparently Benadryl and avoidance of ibuprofen in the future.  Luckily, the leg doesn't really hurt enough to need medicating, anyway.  But I look hot.  Literally.  Red hot.

So, I changed the dead headlight bulb on my car and am off now to buy a muzzle so Mom can take the dog in on Monday to have her irritated backside checked out.  I'm thinking it might be anal sac issues.  She's never had anal sac issues before, but why not try something new once in awhile, right?