New animals

New animals.  

Safari, Ltd., are a little bit hit or miss, but some of the horses are not bad.  The Icelandic horse, Shire stallion (although he looks more like a mare), and running Friesian, in particular, are pretty respectable.  And I can get them at Michael's with 50% off coupons.  

I can get Schleichs at Tractor Supply (farm animals) and Texas Art Supply (exotics).  I would say they're a fraction of a step below Safaris.  The "other animals" are OK but the horses, on average, are not as good.

Hallur fra Shady Grove, Icelandic stallion.  His paint job is a flop but I may end up repainting him at some point, and paint jobs are far more easily remedied than bad conformation.  He's also very photogenic--I'm sort of shocked at how dynamic he looks in this picture.

Breyer Classic "Keen", black sabino from the Hanoverian family set, 1992-1994.  This guy was an antique-shop rescue; he needs some minor touch-ups but those aren't hard on a plain black horse.  Will probably be a Hanoverian gelding.  I'm very sentimentally fond of this mold.

Schleich Haflinger stallion.  I'm pretty "meh" about him as he is; his body isn't so bad, but his muzzle is shapeless and his paint is pretty basic.  At the very least, I'll see if I can give him a better Haflinger sorrel color, although I sort of think he'd look good as a dappled bay with pangaré.

Tansy, Schleich donkey jenny.  Not as cute as a donkey could be, really.  I may leave this one as-is and get another to repaint.  Possibly two or three, to do as a classic gray dun, spotted, and Prunes, because I lived in Colorado when I was a kid.

I got a few more Schleichs: Pug mama, pug daddy, pug puppies, arctic foxes (the kit is to die for, it's so cute!), and an extra set of kittens to repaint.