New patterns, horse, etc.

I'm still on the mend.  Yes, still!  Today is the first day in over a week in which I haven't woken up with a pounding sinus headache and almost deaf from congestion, without having taken any cold medication.  Aargh!  I'm blaming this on being put on a megadose of prednisone for that drug allergy just as I came down with this blasted cold.

My car and I were in similar states of flagging health, too.  It went in for an oil change and tire rotation, and then they called me about the air filter (they had told me the last time it would need to be replaced; no problem), and then they discovered the battery was bad.  For some dumb reason, I waffled for a minute, until it occurred to me that if it stranded me, it would cost me as much as a battery to have it towed somewhere and it still wouldn't get me out of buying a new battery.  Duh.  So, the car is now in better shape than I am.

Simplicity 5352 (1981): I don't have many 1980's patterns.  I have a couple of Folkwear patterns that happen to be from the 1980's but aren't classic 1980's styles (the  Calico Day Dress, Peruvian jacket, and gabacha), some costumes and toys, and a handful of "normal" patterns, but not much.  It's not my best decade, by a long shot; everything is so big and overwhelming.

This one actually has a plan, as a starting point for a knock-off for another pattern.  Another blogger/seamstress and I ran across Butterick 3660 by Kenzo online and admired it, but it's apparently quite rare, and she and I are both of an age when semi-fitted tank dresses no longer seem like a good idea.  We didn't see, though, why we couldn't use the general idea in a form that was better suited to over-35 anatomy.  I figured I could start with the tank top from this, with the front raised and either the straps widened so that undergarments could be worn, or a bra built in.  

The wrap skirt could be fudged from a basic circle skirt.   I'd make the dress a bit longer so it would show more underneath the skirt hem, too.  The waist on the dress is slightly dropped, presumably so the seam wouldn't bulk up under the waistband of the skirt.

I also sort of like the jackets.  The red one has a slight 1920's thing going on, and the white eyelet one would make a nice summer cover-up.

McCall's 2871 (1971): Not much to see here.  I needed this as a costume base.  And it was cheap.  Really, really, cheap.

DuBarry 5172 (1941): I don't really need the blouse, but Amber Jean has put the jerkin bug in my ear.  This one is my size, generally, but since my hips are bigger it will be a test of my fitting skills to get it to come out right.  Even so, it's cute.  Look, it buttons down the side!

Butterick 4219 (1947?): Pinafore housedress.  What's not to love?

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New horse.  Again.

I actually owned one of these several years ago, sold her, regretted it instantly, and have been looking for a good affordable one ever since.  She's not much compared to the sophisticated special editions they make now, but she was sort of a big deal at the time.  My tastes are pretty simple.  This is the eBay picture, and it doesn't show her color all that well; she has nice, soft, dapples.

Blackburn Albita (Copper Blackburn [r] x Roman Silver) 2010 mahogany bay/gray Quarter Horse mare.  Peter Stone special run Ideal Stock Horse "Glacier", 2002.