Sewing Line-Up

I swore I was going to do that housecoat next but got sidetracked by pillowcases and that pink dirndl skirt.  But I still need the housecoat so it's still definitely high on the list.  Top three.

I also need blouses.  Badly.  I don't think I can wear that pink skirt without a white sleeveless blouse, no?  Isn't that just meant to happen?

I need white sleeved blouses, too, for work.  And I need more skirts.  I have black twill to make a plain black office skirt (I'm seeing it with large pockets with flaps, though.  Sort of like this, but . . . with pocket flaps and buttons).  I just got a remnant of black denim, too.   I may have to fudge to make a skirt out of it but I think I can do it if I use a gored pattern that's not too long or full.