Breyer 1489 "War Horse Joey"

I got a coupon in the mail for Charlotte's Saddlery: 20% off any regular-priced item.  Expired the end of July.  Must use.

I don't buy many new Breyers any more; most of my collecting these days involves acquiring models I wanted when I was a kid.  I went out to Tomball, anyway, to see what they had.

The Traditional-scale (1:9, more or less) "Man O'War" mold is not the greatest, conformationally, but he's a sentimental favorite.  I got my "Man O'War" from Toys R Us in 1985, and I think he cost a whopping $8.99.  Those were the days, weren't they?  For the past 27 years he's been one of the few molds of which I only have one color (the original red chestnut), which is probably not so unusual in his case because Breyer hasn't used the mold very often.  Besides, I've been meaning to look for a secondhand "Traveler", even though the model looks nothing like the real Traveler.

Charlotte's had one "War Horse Joey" left.  I haven't seen the movie and don't have much interest in Spielberg flicks in general, but . . . "Man O'War".  In dark bay.  With big stockings.  And a book.  I'd been pricing these guys online and Charlotte's was cheaper than almost everyone to begin with, never mind the 20% and the fact that I didn't have to pay shipping.