Butterick 6872 (1950's): Whatadress

I'm daydreaming here.

Whataburger is a regional fast-food chain.  The burgers are pretty typical fast-food burgers but I still prefer them over other burgers because they come with all the stuff I like: Lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, mustard.  No mayonnaise, ketchup, or "secret sauce" unless you specify.  This means I don't have to change my order and they never mess up.  I get jalapeño slices added, too.  I actually order Whataburger, Jrs., because Whataburgers are huge and Jrs. also come with all the vegetables, so they're just as good but smaller.

Whataburgers are often A-frame buildings and have a very conspicuous orange-and-white striped color scheme.  The first two things you can identify from the air when you enter Texas by airplane are swimming pools (bright blue) and Whataburgers (orange and white roofs).

Butterick 6872 (1956?):

Orange striped fabric:

Tell me why I shouldn't do this:

Oh, I'm sorry--you can't.  Because it's awesome.

I might even make myself a jalapeño sticker button to go with it:



It's totally on the to-sew list. Because I'm insane. I even found those orange shoes with white straps, which I take as a sign from the Sewing Gods that this dress was meant to be.
I saw those! I want the teal ones.

Is it true that the jalapeno cheeseburger is now a regular menu item? I really miss Whataburger.
Oh, I don't know! Check the website? They just changed a bunch of stuff around. I'm not really a cheeseburger person.