Flour tortillas

I didn't get much done this weekend.  Mom and I ran errands on Friday.  We had a bunch of coupons: Bed, Bath, & Beyond (refills for her soda aerator); DSW (LifeStride "Rowen" mid-heeled loafers, in dark brown.  These are identical to "Reese" but have two narrow straps across the toe instead of one wide one.  They might be the perfect shoe: Trim, neat, cute, and comfortable); lunch at Hickory Hollow, who were nice enough to give me a Go Texan bumper sticker even though I didn't order the charity meal.  My Black Pot sticker died and I needed a new one; I got sick and didn't get to go to Black Pot, anyway. 

Mom joked that we were super girly: We went out to lunch and then went shoe-shopping.  Which we did; eating at the barbecue speakeasy and then hitting the discount shoe barn is our version.

Saturday, Guy Friend and I went to the Orange Show and then went grocery shopping.  We're both big fans of grocery shopping as entertainment: Guy Friend used to work in restaurants and is a bit of a foodie.  I'm a less-discerning foodie but I like to look at ingredients even if I would never know how to use them.  We went to Spec's Liquor downtown (we're not big drinkers; they have a lot of specialty foods and Guy Friend was running low on sardines) and Central Market.  I now own three kinds of Cholula.  Denny's supplies Original if your forget to bring your own, and I've been bringing Chili & Lime, but I forgot to try my new Chipotle this past Sunday.  I brought Mom some Welsh Cheddar cheese to improve her accent. 

Sunday, we went to Galveston.  When we got home, I went to Half-Price Books (had another coupon) and got a couple of secondhand CD's and some books.  I need to stay out of Half-Price Books, really.  I did get the David Page Coffin shirtmaking book for a steal, though; Amber Jean swears by him.

Then I came home and made tortillas.  I don't love everything Homesick Texan does (chipotle overkill?) and I will always be suspicious of somebody who loves Texas so much but continues to live in New York, but I can't complain about these tortillas.  It's a miracle I only ate one last night.  I used a half-cup of whole-wheat flour (one-quarter of the recipe) and I had to cook them on medium to medium-high heat: High heat burned the seasoning off my cast iron frying pan and melted the edge of a spatula.  And set off the smoke alarm.  So I reduced the heat and cooked them longer.