New shoes, etc.

So, yesterday was my birthday.  I didn't get the Fourth of July dress finished--technically, since I resized the skirt wrong, I haven't even started--but that's OK; I have this weekend.  I ordered Kona Indigo for the jacket; I couldn't find it at any of the quilt places.

A friend of mine tried to order me red Converse low-tops for my birthday.  Unfortunately, somebody in the packing department was having a bad day and I got two left shoes in two different (neither of them the correct) sizes.  Disappointing that I couldn't wear them on Independence Day, but also pretty funny. 

I think I definitely need to sew some vintage-style wide-leg jeans to wear with these, right?

Both my brown and black walking/driving shoes gave up at the same time (I have a system: I keep a pair of flats for driving, walking, wet weather, etc. and pack my nicer shoes to wear when I arrive.  Driving a stick shift tears up the backs of my shoes, especially if they have heels, and I don't want to spoil my good shoes right away).  Well, the brown ones gave up months ago but I've been in denial and wore them until the uppers separarted almost completely from the soles.  The heels on the black ones are getting pretty thin now, too.  I just bought them this year and I'm annoyed that they wore out so fast, but at least I never really liked them so I don't have to feel so badly about it.

I found a pair of secondhand Eastland Providence penny loafers online:

What I really want is a pir of Frye Carsons, but . . . yeah, in my dreams.  I need to start a savings jar for them or something.  I guess I'm old enough to have nicer shoes, though, instead of always Penney's clearance stuff and Target specials.

And, on a non-shoe related note . . . I used my eBay bucks to buy myself a birthday gift.  Been eyeing this one for awhile and it finally went on sale:


Andrea said…
That is a awesome pattern. I hope you can make it up soon because I want to see it!.

I love Converse too. With my big feets I don't think I could pull off red but I love the way they look on others. My own Converse are gray (with some metal studs on the tongue), and plum-purple.
I kind of want some black high-tops now. We'll see. Gray with studs sound bad-ass!