We've had, like, a week of rain.  I think the news said we're actually ahead in water this year.  I hope that didn't jinx us: We don't need a repeat of 2011.

I am kind of stir-crazy from not walking during my lunch breaks, but I guess I can deal.  Today, I brought the pattern pieces for Simplicity 4727 so I can start measuring them to figure out what went so hideously wrong.


PepperReed said…
Send some of that here!! We desperately need it (it's been about 2 months without a drop), the garden and farm crops are really hurting. We normally don't get drought here, so this is very strange to be surrounded by lakes and so dry.
Maybe when we get a little more ahead and feel more secure in our saturated-ness. We were so dry last year we actually had a wildfire in a suburban park in Katy (west of Houston). The only good thing was that the low humidity made the 110-degree temperatures bearable (bearable-ish).