Simplicity 4727 (1943): Part I

So . . . I failed again on the housecoat-sewing front.

I've had this red, white, and blue plaid fabric for a couple of years and have meant, two or three times over, to use it to make myself a sundress for the Fourth of July.  This is sort of a dual-purpose sundress: It's a holiday, and it's also my birthday.  Ironically, the Fourth is one of my least favorite holidays: I hate hot weather, it's a terrible day for kids' birthdays because everyone has family plans, and there are too many drunk drivers.  My maternal grandmother's birthday was on Hallowe'en.  I would so much rather have had that birthday!

Anyway--this is sort of patriotic but also sort of subtle.  It's red, white, and blue but there aren't any flags or stars or anything, so I could wear it the rest of the year, as well.

Nothing fancy; got it at Hobby Lobby.  If you like it, they still have some, but it's a no-name non-brand.  It's not bad fabric, though.

This year, I decided that, even though, once again, I couldn't get it done for my birthday, one of my gifts to myself was going to be that I could work on it on the occasion of my birthday.

I picked Simplicity 4727 (1943), because it's a simple pattern that won't compete with a rather loud plaid, and because it has that freakin' adorable bolero.  I also need the skirt pattern and I figured this would give me the opportunity to resize it for later use.

The bolero will be navy blue with plaid revers, and I found these amazing buttons to decorate it:

I went through several badly-Photoshopped concepts but finally decided I really needed to add contrast cuffs to the jacket, and settled on this one:


PepperReed said…
Ooooh! That is going to be a great outfit! I may need to head over to HL and see if they have any of that plaid left (like I need more fabric...) Happy Birthday early! My Dad's Bday was 12/27 and he couldn't stand having it that close to Christmas. I don't particularly like the 4th either, but mostly because of all the drunk nutjobs blowing their hands off. Up here in MI summer is a grand time (altho in TX it's HOT on an insane level). Stay Cool!

Okay, Christmas would be worse. I love Christmas but it disrupts everything so much; it's got to be, hands-down, the worst birthday season.

Yeah, we have drunks blowing themselves up, too, and shooting stuff. Shooting into the air . . . as if bullets don't still have to land someplace. I don't like the shooting, period, but if they have to, why the heck not blanks??