Simplicity 4727 (1943): Part III

No pix to post, but I spent last night re-measuring and recutting the pattern pieces.  I still can't figure out how I messed up so badly, but I'm stopping by Hobby Lobby on my way home today to get more plaid, and some clearance fabric to test the rest of the pattern before I booger it up any more.  Sheesh!  

I'm going to do the bodice, too.  The inset belt is technically smaller than it should be (29 inches total, though the size 16 pattern is meant for a 28-inch waist) but the pink dirndl skirt has a 28-inch finished waist--which includes wearing ease--and it's not snug, even with a shirt tucked in, so I don't want to let the 4727 inset belt out any more or I think it will look sloppy.  But I will have to tweak the bodice to fit.