Simplicity 4727 (1943): Part V, in which I get pushed over the edge into pattern-drafting insanity

The skirt fits like a glove.

The bodice fits like a garbage bag.

This wasn't my fault.

Okay, it was partly my fault.  That I didn't measure the pattern pieces before I cut is totally my fault.  Lesson learned, I swear.  I did measure myself, though, so I was sizing according to my actual measurements and not my wishful-thinking measurements.

That the pattern appears to have been drafted by a muskrat with a drinking problem is totally not my fault.  Seriously, I have never before encountered a pattern that was six inches too big in the armpits.  How is that even possible?  Even if I hadn't taken it in a size, it should not be as much too big for me as it is.

The bodice is so bad I'm not even sure it's worth trying to alter the existing pattern, so I emailed Amber Jean and asked for pattern-drafting reference advice.  She recommended Harriet Pepin (out of print; .pdf downloads available for sale online, though) and a couple of website tutorials.

It's a nice, simple, bodice and probably actually a good starter drafting project, although it does occur to me that if I think I can get it right, freaking Simplicity could have gotten it right 69 years ago and saved me the trouble.

I cut a black denim skirt out of the skirt pattern.  I have a little handsewing to do but it's almost done.  The bloody thing had better fit or I'm going to burn something down.