Anne Adams 4358

eBay score.  Unbelievably, nobody else bid against me and I got the pattern and dress together for less than $25, shipping included.  I will be searching 1930's reproductions to make a wearable close-copy of the dress.

(Sorry; these are the listing pictures from eBay and they're very low-resolution.  I'll take better ones when it arrives.)

The dress.  It's not a knock-out pattern but it's still up my alley, and I might have bid on it even if it hadn't had the original dress with it.  Not for the $19.99 opening bid, but I would have had it been cheaper.

The dress fabric is light blue with a white and dark-blue simplified sprig print:

The dress's scalloped neckline has dark blue narrow bias binding basted on:

It looks as though the original seamstress got pretty far along before she set it aside:

This Aunt Grace Garden Party print is smaller scale but is a similar idea.  If it's too small for a dress for me, maybe I could make a version for Jeannie.


Janice said…
I still think it's a great pattern, Anne Adams have always been my favorites, seconded only by Dubarry. It's great that the original dress came with it, too.
I think DuBarry and Advance are probably my favorite companies overall, but I like a lot of the mail-order patterns, too, and the 1930's and 1940's are definitely my favorite decades. I'm a major sucker for a circa-1940 housedress.