Bernat 5330: Part III: Days 3-6

Day 3 (Thursday):

Day 4 (Friday): I got quite a bit done because I knit in the car while Mom and I ran errands.

Day 5 (Saturday): Mom was using the sewing table so I worked on the bodice pattern for Simplicity 4727 for awhile, and then knitted.  Ended the day with 3 1/4 inches of rib and 2 1/2 inches of stockinette.

Day 6 (Sunday): I was sewing most of the day and only knit about three rounds, but I did have to attach a new ball of yarn.  3 1/4 inches ribbing, 3 inches stocknette.

I'll add, in case anyone is wondering: I'm using Paton's Classic Wool here, and Susan Bates Quicksilver needles (well, one circular needle).  I love both.  The Quicksilvers are less slippery than the Boye aluminum needles so they don't slide out of my knitting, but they don't catch the yarn the way I've had happen with bamboo needles, and they have fine points that make it easy to get into loops.  They're also inexpensive and easy to find in a zillion sizes.  I'm using US 5 needles with worsted-weight yarn with no trouble at all.  The Paton's Classic is easy to knit with, too, because it seems to be tightly-wound enough that the needle points rarely split it.


Amy said…
Looks good! You are going faster than a lot of people. Knitting in the round is THE BEST.
I'm up to four and a half inches of stockinette, and hopefully I'll squeeze in a few more rounds tonight.

For plain sweaters, at least, I am totally sold on the idea of seaming as little as possible. Besides, just when I get frustrated that I've only knit seven inches of sweater, I remember that it's seven inches of both sides and not just the front, and that's encouraging.
Amy said…
Yeah. I knitted a poncho in the round that was intarsia colorwork, and there were five billion ends to work in. Do not recommend.
Exactly. Excellent example of where knitting in the round fails miserably. Yikes.

My goal is to do four rounds (half an inch) a day, at least. I can do more, usually, on weekends, but I'm aiming for half an inch a day minimum during the week when I mostly don't have much time.
Amy said…
That's a very reasonable goal, and it will add up quickly.

Here's the poncho I'm talking about. You can imagine. The pattern was written in the round, though.