Bernat 5330: Part VIII: Day 14

We managed to lose our bag of knitting needles and stitch holders, so I was lazy and left the front half of the sweater on the circular needle while I knitted the back on straight needles.  They're probably in the game room but the game room is such a disaster that I can't face looking for them until I do a major clean-out.  I'll spend my weekly Hobby Lobby and Michael's coupons on stitch holders, it seems.

I've shaped the back and am just adding height until I start binding off to shape the shoulders.  This puts me firmly into I Have No Idea What I'm Doing territory; I'm really just blindly following directions and going on faith that it will turn out, because Bernat said it would.  Right.

On a sweater-related side note: I re-watched the British dark-ish comedy Keeping Mum last week.  There are a lot of great sweaters in that movie.


Amy said…
I have always blindly followed directions. It will be fine!
Thanks for the encouragement! I guess I have to start somewhere, anyway, right? The more I do, the better I'll get a feel for whether or not something will work.