New fabrics

I had mega Joann coupons, and there was a sale, and I got several end-of-bolt discounts (50%!  Joann knows how to keep us coming back!).

DS (Denyse Schmidt) Quilts Aunt Edna bias plaid, gold.  Actually, this is more snot green than gold, but whatever.  

It will be Rural New Yorker 2579 (1952-1960).

Keepsake Calico Urban Cowgirl bouquet:

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this.  It's a pretty bright red, but I absolutely love the slightly-bandanna-ish flowers.  It has to be something with a good skirt on it, right?  McCall's 8614 (1983), Brooke Shields, comes to mind, with some design changes.  A skirt flounce, for starters.  Vogue 8805 (1970's) is another possibility, and New York 1465 (1950's) has that yoke that gives it some unintentional Western flavor.

Or, wait--maybe something completely different, such as Los Angeles Times 2561 (1940's), with tiny lace trim?

Keepsake Calico Buttercup light brown and teal:

I wouldn't usually choose a print like this: It's sort of drab, and it's flowery, and it's modern.  On the other hand, it almost reads as a neutral and the overall effect is almost 1930's or 1940's because of the colors and simplified flowers.  I think it would make a great everyday dress, though, and I already have a brown sleeveless pullover and brown corduroy jacket planned.  Brown is a good color for me.  Teal isn't, but there's not much teal here.

I haven't actually chosen a pattern for this yet but I have some specific ideas of what I want: Circa 1940, with set-in sleeves and a day-dress level of sophistication (or at least a nicer housedress one), and a little bit of bodice interest.  I don't want it to be impractically girly but I don't want it to be 1940's strictly-business utility clothing, either. 

Some possibilities:
Simplicity 3264 (1939), although I have another fabric sort-of in mind for this.  It's not set in stone, though.
Simplicity 3284 (1939), short-sleeved version.  I think I would do a white collar, too.
Simplicity 3428 (1940), blue version but with short sleeves.
Simplicity 3570 (1940), the brown version on the right.

Ooh--I think I've got it!  Simplicity 4544 (1944?), the dress version, with a little extra lace added around the sleeves.


Eva said…
I love the checked fabric.