Bernat 5330: Part X: Final

Found my camera cord!

Here are the results:

Back (yes, there is one row of twisted stitches.  I forgot how to purl) . . .

The front . . . 

You can't really tell here that it comes up short in the front, but I did a test swatch of short rows and I think I can fix that easily on the next attempt.  I'm 85% happy with it; I'd just tweak a few simple things.


Amy said…
Good job! I like it! Is this 100% wool? Have you considered blocking it to stretch it a bit (or did you already do that?)? It may fit perfectly if you do!
Yes, it's 100%, but I don't want to stretch it more than I have. Also, it fits well as is except, really, for the bust/being short in front. Besides, I want to learn to do those short rows.

It sounds like I'm less happy than I am. I really do like it a lot, I just think I could do a little tiny bit better now that I have more of an idea what I'm doing.