More Flickr road-trip sets, and new horses

1899 [Ben] McCulloch County courthouse.

The Heart of Texas Country Music Museum: Astonishingly fine collection of stage costumes and memorabilia for a small museum in a small town.  

Jim Reeves' 1956 Flxible tour bus was the first thing we saw:

One of Kitty Wells' dresses:

Brady, Texas, proper: Brady itself is a bit sleepy but there are still some very nice buildings.  This is the old City Hall:

The Masonic hall:

I've always loved these houses covered in local stone.  They're common in the mountains in Arkansas, but you see them other places, too.  This one was behind the Country Music Museum:

We got stuffed bell peppers and carnitas at the 87 Café (I like the matching Mexican and American eagles):

Somebody has a sense of civic responsibility and a sense of humor:

I'm still working on the set for the 1910 jail/Heart of Texas Historical Museum/airfield/WWII POW camp site.

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Also, we're awaiting the arrival by mail of two more new old Breyers:

This is an old #54 Trakehner (1979-1984), and he's supposed to come with his box and a 1979 collector's insert!  (Actually, that appears to be a 1978 insert, so either this horse was very, very, early in the run or, more likely, there was a goof.  However, I don't have a 1978 insert already so I'll take it!)  I've already sent in a breeding request to another hobbyist, so hopefully he'll end up being Halifax, a 2010 Trakehner stallion.

This lovely lady is a #96 Shire (1972-1976, 1978-1980; this one was sold as a later model).  This color is called, inexplicably, "honey sorrel".  When I hear "honey sorrel" I don't really think dull liver chestnut, but whatever.

Chestnut is very rare in Shires so I'm waiting until she arrives to make a decision on her color.  If her mane and tail are very dark, I'll probably just make her a bay, for which it will be much easier to find parents.  If she really does look chestnut, I'll have to do some research.


Penny-Rose said…
I love the photos of your road trip - it looks like a wonderful place. By the way, I love your blog, but the word verification drives me nuts - it takes me so long to get it right and I promise I am not a robot. Have you considered removing this?
I forgot it was on. Is it just me, or are those things getting harder and harder to read?