Murphy's Law-ish

Today is our annual employee awards luncheon.  Apart from getting a free lunch, which always raises my spirits, office events around here are pretty fun.  They're never anything fancy but our employee pool in general is made up of fun people.

Liz in IT requested that people send her a couple of oddball tidbits about themselves (one was "what was your childhood dream?" and I forget what the other one was).  Last year, her creativity resulted in a Photoshopped picture of me with Lyle Lovett's hair.  I told her I'd wanted a pet unicorn, because I figured whatever she did with that would be memorable.

The general theme this year, though, is "Who's your team?".  We're supposed to wear sports-team shirts.  I don't have any, of course.  When your brother marries a Minnesotan, you become an ice hockey fan by association so I tried to get a Houston Aeros shirt.  I didn't like the ones at the Aerodrome so I ordered one with the classic logo on it even though I knew it wouldn't get here in time (and it didn't.  I got the shipping notice this morning).

However, I have a printer, highlighters in three colors, and a mouse with a right-click button.  I am unstoppable, at least when it comes to fudging sportswear for office events.

And safety pins.  I have safety pins with which to attach it to my plebian, non-Aeros, shirt.