New . . . stuff

Listening: Highway 101, "The Bed You Made For Me" (1987).

2012 Dodge Dart.  No, it's not mine.  It was on display in front of IKEA this past Saturday, although I saw one several months ago at the Houston Auto Show, too.  I'm not really a sport-coupe kind of girl but I like cars, and who can resist a matching interior?

This would look great in my car, which is also black (and is a Pontiac, so it has red accents):

The last Dodge Dart of my acquaintance looked like this, except that it was red, so things have changed.

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Breyer 710493, J.C. Penney's 1993 special run Azteca/foundation stallion.  No name yet, but he'll be an Appaloosa gelding.  He was listed on eBay as "Breyer two tone spotted" (that was the entire listing heading) so, unsurprisingly, I was the only bidder, even though he's somewhat uncommon and almost twenty years old.

Breyer 701969 United States Equestrian Team 1996 special run "Calypso".  This guy is a variant: He's supposed to have a right front sock and a black left front leg instead. 

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Butterick B5371 (2009): Medieval-ish/RenFaire pouch, waist cincher, and arm bracer pattern.  I dated a guy who wore arm bracers.  As everyday clothing. It was actually pretty awesome.

I don't have specific plans for this, but I got it super cheaply, and I could totally wear that waist cincher.  They mean for you to make it out of fabric or Naugahyde, but I might have to figure out how to do it in leather.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

DS Quilts Richmond plaid, navy (I would have said turquoise) and black:  This stuff is ridiculously expensive--$12.99 a yard!--but I found a 50% off coupon for Joann online orders, which makes it almost reasonable.

It's kind of a heavy and busy print for me, but I've sort of been in the mood for a 1920's style dress again, and I think this would work.  It would probably have blue trim and black faux-glass buttons.  Stella Blum's Everyday Fashions of the Twenties arrived in the mail yesterday from Amazon, for inspiration.  I've been Pinteresting 1920's dresses, too.  This is just a cotton calico so it won't be a fancy dress, but the dark color makes it feel a little less informal than some of my flowery feedsack-style prints.