Running Wild in Central Texas

I'm back from a wild and crazy (by my standards.  OK, not so much) Labor Day weekend road-trip. 

We went to Brady, Texas, to the . . . 

No joke.

The thirty-ninth annual World's Championship Bar-B-Que Goat Cook-Off, I might add.  Brady knows a thing or two about roasting goats.  Flickr set here.

In addition to meeting a lot of colorful characters, munching goat burritos, and having every stitch we were wearing thoroughly saturated with smoke, we saw a lot of awesome towns and took a lot of pictures.  I'm still processing mine, but so far I have sets for . . .

Bertram, Texas.

Brady's 1936 post office, complete with New Deal mural, "Texas Immigrant" by Gordon Grant (1939).

Sets on Brady proper; Brady's 1910 jail, historical museum, and World War II prisoner of war camp site; Mason, Texas; and San Antonio will be posted later.


Amy said…
I've been up there! If you're up that way again, Mason is about half an hour away, and that's where the Old Yeller writer lived. There's a neat statue at the library and a little area in the library all about him.
We went through Mason on Saturday, on the way to San Antonio. We didn't see the library but we did see the small museum in the storefront on the town square, and it had a display on the Old Yeller guy, too.