On the technology front:

My mother, who will never admit the degree to which she loves her digital toys, got her iPhone 5 on Saturday.  My father works overseas and can't use smartphones, so she sold me her iPhone 4.  I finally have my long-coveted bubble level app!

I felt like I had to go somewhere this weekend just so I could check in from someplace other than home. Guy Friend and I went to Best Buy to look for a movie.

Then I got Instagram.  I've gone hipster.

HO-scale playground (toaster filter).  Hmm, now that I look at it, it sort of looks like a nuclear apocalypse.  Oops.

Rowantree Brass Ring and Arabesca SGR and their Stablemate buddies Romina and Swaps go retro.  Brannen filter.

Bernard Dehydrated Water.  Ha, ha!  I forget which filter this is.

Pistol desk lamp at the antique mall.  I forget which filter this was, too.

Morton pottery bird planter.  Lord Kelvin filter.


A.J.A. said…
You've gone hipster :) :) :) Too funny!