The last of the Labor Day weekend links, and new horses

 Brady: 1910 Jail & Heart of Texas Historical Museum.


San Antonio.

Rosslin Heritage Rose and Rosslin Marquesa: I found these two on eBay.  They were J.C. Penney special runs between 1982 and 1984.  I've wanted them for years but kept getting outbid. 

Pacolet Smoky Topaz: this baby girl was a 1999 special run from Sears.  She'll be shown as Shire foal in a baby-black coat.

Michanne: #400101 Quarter Horse Yearling, "Just About Horses" special run from 1989.  I won one of these the first time around but then foolishly sold her in a fit of exasperation with late-1980's Breyer color weirdness (this is supposed to be "black roan".  Yeah).  I think my original one was #233 or so.  

I scored this one on eBay for--are you sitting down?--$15 . . . shipping included.  I know that just means nobody else wants them, but who cares?  I wanted her.  She has a few black marks but for that price, I can deal.

Her weird name is a portmanteau of the middle names of my best friend (Michelle) and her sister (Anne).  Forgive me; I was twelve.